Advanced Technology

We are constantly striving to provide our patients with the finest dental care available. Our investment in advanced technology means a long-term investment in your future. State-of-the-art technology invites informed decision-making and enables you to make wise choices concerning your oral health. Dr. Esi Parker, Dr. Travis Parker and Dr. Jack Goris offer the latest dental technology for your benefit:

Soft Tissue Laser: The cordless, pen shaped NV Laser allows us to perform oral soft tissue and gum procedures with greater efficiency and comfort while dramatically improving healing time. The concentrated dot of high energy light emitted from the laser tip can be used to gently recontour gum tissue, sterilize periodontal pockets, treat mouth sores, and remove soft tissue lesions. Our patients can’t believe how quickly and comfortably the surgical areas heal!

Implants and Dentures in a Day: We are pleased to offer this very new technology to individuals who, for years, have struggled with severe dental problems. Partnering with the fantastic surgeons at the Oral and Maxillary Facial Surgery Center of Lafayette in Indiana, we can extract all remaining teeth, place implants and fit implant stabilized upper and lower dentures all in the same day! Imagine not only a beautiful smile but the ability to chew in one day!

Snap on Smile: Snap-on Smile is an easy, painless and affordable way to achieve that “perfect smile”. Utilizing Hollywood movie technology, researchers have developed a flexible, esthetic and strong composite that simply snaps over your existing teeth. No shots, no drilling, and no change in tooth structure. You get a beautiful, natural looking smile even if you have stains, chips, gaps or missing teeth. Snap it in during the day and snap it out at night to clean. You can even eat with Snap-On Smile! This is a great product! I encourage anyone who wants a better smile to check it out.

X-Rays: X-rays assist in the detection of cavities between the teeth that may not be visible in the mouth. Cavities that are just beginning can also be detected earlier on an X-ray so that your treatment becomes less invasive and costly.

Digital Radiography: This form of computerized radiography uses a standard dental x-ray generator as its radiation source. An intra-oral sensor that is placed in the mouth collects the image that is displayed on a monitor. The color capabilities show our patients more meaningful pictures than black and white. The “zoom” capabilities allow our patients to view localized areas for a better understanding of their diagnosis. Digital radiography reduces radiation exposure 80–90%.

Intra-Oral Camera: This camera allows us to quickly and easily photograph the inside of your mouth. The photographic image can be projected onto a color monitor. Because this magnification allows you to see your mouth more clearly, you are better able to participate in your treatment. The image quality is truly amazing.

Panorex: The Panorex film provides Drs. Esi Parker, Travis Parker and Jack Goris with a panoramic view of the oral cavity and provides information at a glance about existing fillings, supporting bone, sources of infection, tumors, cysts, and decay. The Panorex film shows more of the mouth and surrounding structures, but with less detail of individual teeth, than small films. This screening x-ray is commonly used in conjunction with specific, small single films when more detailed information is required.

Office Computer Technology: Our computer system is designed to efficiently manage the most complex information in the dental industry. Our system handles scheduling, treatment and payment options. We make sure our system takes care of the technicalities so that you experience efficient service and are provided with the most up-to-date information available.

Guru Patient Education System: The Guru system is a wonderful dental education program. Patients can view the latest dental techniques in a step-by-step format through use of this interactive system.